Super Photo Corner I

After months of struggling to take sufficient photographs, I finally find myself with a good problem – too many pictures.

If you’re not a big fan of reading then following my blog was a mistake.  In any case, you’re in for a treat today.

My weekend excursion to Yeosu produced a plethora of photographs.  I will write about this trip soon, likely publishing next week.  In the meantime, here are 26(ish) photos of my trip along with a few fun Korean English shirts.


“Rebellious Spirit is not Fading.”  Seeing an individualistic message in a collectivist country is a breath of fresh air.  However, he would leave his rebellious spirit at the door if he knows what’s good for him.  I’ll bring down the hammer.

Also, the coincidental illusory face-touching photobomb is en pointe.


I thought coffee beverages couldn’t become more basic than pumpkin spice.  Then I saw this corny nonsense.


I like this one because it brings me back to high school.  I would dish out bone-crushing blindside blocks in football.  I served up concussions like it was lunchtime.  Those were the days.


I like this guy.  He enjoyed my class so much that he got my classroom rule printed on a sweatshirt.  (At least that’s the story I tell myself :P).


I feel like this sign was ignored a lot when as a young school-sign.  Stage-5 clinger alert.


These archways populate a lot of back-alley markets and commercial streets in Yeosu and other Korean cities.  What that mascot is supposed to be?  It looks like a duck, a palm tree, and Fozzie Bear made a three-way baby.


The top priority on my Yeosu to-do list was to find a bar called Caesar’s and drink an Ian.  The pilgrimage is now complete.  I even had the pleasure of meeting the Ian responsible for this drink.  After consulting the council of Ians, we agreed that he represents our kind very well.


It was a smart move to take this off of the car.  Those tags are more expired than the chicken I left in the fridge back in Sacramento.


I went to a virtual reality (VR) room for the first time with a friend.  We rode a roller coaster, shot down flying droids, and raced Benzes down a European coastline.


The sun sets behind the mountains.  Yeosu is known for beautiful sea coves.  The lay of the land is quite fascinating.


This is a statue of a “turtle ship.”  Yeosu is known to have employed these ships for the first time in the late 1500s to fight the Japanese navy.


This is the pond in Turtle Park.  Apparently, my friend said there are usually turtles in the pond.  There were none.  I hope they’re not dead.


Why can’t they make mannequins look normal?  I get that morbidly obese plastic models wouldn’t move much merchandise, but the 8-pack is a bit extra if you ask me.


I got boats in different area codes.


I think this is a statue of Yi Sun-shin – a famous 16th-century Korean admiral who helped improve turtle ships in time to crush the Japanese Navy and save Korea.


I liked this tree because it says “Merry Christmas” on one side and “Happy New Year” on the other with decorations just vague enough not to betray holiday specificity (except for the cross).  I appreciate the economy of decoration.


I’m not much of a tourist, but this “turtle ship” exhibit was really cool.


“Hey!  You there!  I see you over there!  I want you to come here!  Sit down!”

-Soulja Boy


“You call that rowing?  My 8-year old son has bigger shoulders than you.  You’re soft, I say.  Soft!”


“I already told you, Kevin!  You have to open the window before you shoot arrows.  We’re running out of eye-patches over here.”


“Oh!  My stomach.  It hurts so bad.  Leave me.  No- better yet- toss me overboard.  I’m just dead weight here.  Wah..”

“Don’t be such a drama king.”


“He hogs all of the blankets.  Every time I try and borrow some he slaps me in his sleep.


“This food is missing something.”

“Considering that this is just mashed up ashes I would say it’s missing a whole lot of things.”


“I run a ship full of idiots.”


“I swear the next person who jokes about me ‘handling balls all day’ is getting thrown into the sea.”


“Everyone else got canons, bows, and arrows.  The captain gave me a giant fork.  What the hell am I supposed to do with this?  Overfeed my enemies to death?”

4 thoughts on “Super Photo Corner I

  1. The sign translations kill me. My favorites from my trip was an add for donuts translated to “rings of happiness” and one that instructed: “start dancing 7:30 pm”


    1. Haha yeah. My friend gave me a sign to put up in my apartment that just says “head be careful” with a picture of a man hitting his head on a ledge.


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