My Crazy Cool Messenger II

Now that I am finished with winter classes and a full semester of work, I have many humorous Google Translate travesties to share.  Enjoy.

Sam …

 In October, I wrote an English and reading book

 Please look at the fox.

I must say, I am impressed.  I wrote zero books in 2017.  This person wrote two.  As for the fox, unless he is wearing socks I am not interested.  Also, I think every message addressed “Sam…” is a rough approximation of “sem” which is a truncated and informal term for the Korean word for “teacher” (sun-sang-neem).

Please confirm.

I am doing well beyond my ability with active cooperation of teachers.

Thank you!!

Heated Stone

“Heated Stone” is one of my school’s teachers.  I must say he is quite popular among both staff and students.  However, there is no need to toot your own horn.  We know you’re doing well.  There is no need to rub it in.

We made a letter of sisterhood relationship between boys and girls and foster parents.

If you would like to have a sisterhood relationship, please let us know by October 16 (Mon)

I inquired about the sisterhood meeting.  They denied that the sisterhood even existed.  I am proud of my teachers’ adherence to Rule #1 of sisterhood – “do not talk about sisterhood.”

Hello, teacher ^^

Debate preliminaries will start this week.

There is a possibility that the students will withdraw the coconut from the time of preliminaries in class time.

Teachers appreciate your understanding.

I’m glad you appreciate my understanding.  However, the only thing missing is my understanding.  What was that coconut doing in the preliminaries in the first place?  That coconut is far too green to be competing in a debate contest of this caliber.

Never today and tomorrow, please do not use the entire toilet B, please.

If you try to use it (??) remain in the piping,

Workers can be mentally shocked.

We don’t mention the Toilet B disaster anymore.  The mental shock was far too great.  The counselor’s office was busy for two weeks.  One teacher is still stuck in the piping to this day.  We feed them by dumping liquid food into the bathroom sink one floor up.

1) When going to and from school: Only wearing uniforms. Lifestyle, gym wear penalty

Especially, it is not allowed to wear hoodies or other uniforms on the excuse that it is cold when going to school. For any reason, clothes are not allowed. D) I admit the clothes that I wear on my coat and cold on it.

  2) You will be penalized when you wear uniforms on campus. Life is possible.

The contradictions between (1) and (2) were palpable.  Students get penalized for wearing and for not wearing their uniforms?  It’s tough to be a kid these days.

However, “life is possible” is probably the most ambiguous motivational quote I’ve ever read.

This is an autonomous public high budget message.

Let me tell you about budget permissions.

I do not have the authority to grant budget authority.

Well, that was anticlimactic.  Who is the “autonomous public high budget” authority?  Is my school’s accounting run by robots?

Night shift teachers.

Outsiders, such as other students at night, may enter the main building.

Immediately upon detection, please contact the guard and take action.

Coconut coaches sometimes need to look at the whole school year.

Sympathy round

The coconut is back!  It has learned and advanced well beyond its years, becoming a debate coach.

I’ll be honest, I’ve met the school guard.  I don’t think he will be chasing down any trespassers anytime soon.  I’m just impressed he holds a job down at his advanced age.

Teacher ~

I will contact you for the Native American Sam Workshop in the 3rd lesson tomorrow.

If they’re talking about me, then they will be sorely disappointed as I am not the slightest bit Native American.

Good morning? It is [teacher name] of the water industry.

One of my teacher’s name and title always translates into being from the water industry.  I don’t know why I always find this so funny.

There will be intensive dance practice on Monday.

Of course, I will also proceed with the follow-up.

All over the Monday overtime and have a fun dance yo ~

We officially accepted the event coordinator teacher.

I can not do that now. If you say dictatorship, I will proceed.

Please acknowledge that this can only be done in this way.

I do not like this

Wow.  So much to unpack here.

  • He was right.  The dance practice was intensive.
  • “have a fun dance yo.” I appreciate his attempt to connect with me by using outdated American English slang.
  • I will not say dictatorship.  You cannot proceed.
  • I’m sorry you don’t like this.  I don’t like dictatorships either.

Photo Corner (Mokpo Maritime Museum Edition)


I received this hand sanitizer for Christmas two years ago.  Fortunately, I haven’t had to use it too often.


The mascots for the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics like to hang out in Peace Square.


Found this rock in the middle of a park in Mokpo.


This is the partial hull of a resurrected sunken ship.  No wonder it sank.  It’s full of holes.


I love the ancient Chinese style of ship.


“Ticket, please.”

“I didn’t buy a ticket.”

“That’s too bad.  You just earned a one-way ticket to Davy Jones Locker!”


Ancient shipwrecked spices.  We have cinnamon on the left and black pepper on the left.  I tried some.  I think they’re expired.


I’m sure if I saw this much money in ancient times my eyes would bulge out of their sockets.


Another smaller Chinese vessel.


Another partial hull.


This one didn’t have a cabin.  I guess everyone slept in the galley.


One man was thrown into the doorless, windowless prison cell and lost his mind.  Little did he know the rest of the crew caught a case of zombism and also lost their minds.


I think the ship models were jostled a bit because when I look at the people on the ship they all look drunk.


One more picture of a model ship because you can never have enough.

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