My Crazy Cool Messenger III

After two months and several hundred poorly-translated messages, I have another installment of My Crazy Cool Messenger.  Enjoy.

The fountains that need a good input on grades after this time

Before you do anything,

Please let me know ~~ ^^

I have also sent you sexual statistics for making an assessment.

“Fountains” seems to be a poor translation for the word “teacher.”  I see it again and again.

I decided not to read the “sexual statistics.”  I don’t believe in kissing-and-telling, choosing instead to respect the privacy of my fellow teachers.

And please do not forget to finish the sexual closure personally, please check with the research department and finish the deadline again.

This sounds like a piece of pick-up artist advice.  “You should finish your sexual closures personally.”  I had no idea our school had such a problem with sexual frustration and lack of closures.  That’s what I get for not reading the sexual statistics.

13:40 minutes following the sexuality management committee. I would like to hold the Audiovisual Room Curriculum Committee.

Unfortunately, I was not invited to join the sexuality management committee.  However, once they start making committees, you know that the situation is getting serious.  I sincerely hope our school overcomes our sexual woes and fast.

Namaku Teachers The things that you do in the New Year are alcohol, alcohol,

Please be overflowing with joy.

We inform at social gathering.

In reference to the teacher’s trip, this was fairly accurate.  There certainly was alcohol as well as alcohol.  Between the restaurant and the singing room, many people overflowed with joy.

Notice of notice.

Your father-in-law, [name], passed away on January 16, 2018.

* Zhang Lecik Zhang: Mokpo Giseung Love lecture room No. 401

* Signature: 10PM (Thu), [date]

* Changji: Hampyeong Gun School

Hyojyang Jeongreikjang is located in Gyeongsangbuk-do Gas Station 4th Street (behind Yeongheung) for a hundred years in a Christian hospital.

– Social Security Notice –

Wow.  There was so much going on here.  For one, I find the redundant translation of “notice of notice” hilarious.

Also, apparently I have (*cough* had) a father-in-law.  I’m curious if one of the teachers passed away and I had no idea.

I did not attend because I could not find the “Love lecture room.”  I can only assume this is where the “sexuality management committee” meets weekly.

Hampyeong has a gun school?  I wonder if Potato knows about this.  She lives in Hampyeong.  It’s a small town.  She must know.

I didn’t know gas stations existed in Korea 100 years ago, let alone one inside of a Christian hospital.

The ending gets me too.  Anything with a notice about “social security” is likely to pique the eyes of any American.  This is especially true following the Equifax leak.  No one is safe.

Teacher, you have a lot of trouble to be alive.

There are many inquiries from students, so we will only give you one thing.

I’m sorry.  I didn’t realize my living was such a burden to everybody.  What student queries prompted such a threatening statement?

He does his best.

As a result of sexual reproduction, we will recalibrate Nice until 11: 30-12: 00 in the first semester.

Please note.

This would make a hilarious pregnancy announcement.

“As a result of sexual reproduction, we are growing our family in June.”  Write this next to a picture of two cells in the midst of mitosis.  #nerdlove.

I tell you, Sam.

It is a seated seats of the 2018 school year planning manager.

I am afraid that there are many deficiencies and it will cause inconvenience to the spouses.

I’m glad I’m not married.  I think?  I would hate to cause my imaginary wife too much inconvenience due to the many deficiencies.

The Ministry of Education will inform you.

Today, 5th (Mon) 7th (16:00) school meeting is available.

I would like to attend.

  1. Sex education for faculty and staff

I get having sex education for students.  Many are around that age. But faculty and staff?  I think the Sexuality Management Committee needs to step up their game and promote more “personal sexual closures.”

A few of the food room teachers are not joining the meeting because they can not attend.

This reminds me of a classic psychology experiment.  Confederates stood behind participants at a copy machine.  Some asked,

“Excuse me, can I cut in front of you?  I need to make copies.”

Surprisingly, about 50% of people said yes.  Sometimes any justification (no matter how redundant) can entice people to do what you want.

So next time you want to skip a boring meeting, just say “you are not joining because you cannot attend.”

Good morning?

Even if you are busy with the rain during the season, please take care of your health.

This one isn’t funny.  It’s just useful advice :).  We could all take better care of our health.

The nursing room will guide you ~

Tomorrow (Tuesday, March 13) Urinalysis for 2nd and 3rd graders

1 class: 3rd grade 1 class ~

2 class: 2nd grade 1 class ~

Teacher of the subject, please cooperate with the examination

My school drug tests students?  I didn’t realize I was working in a den of drugs and sexual dysfunction.  I suppose ignorance has been bliss.

I turned the rice cake and the sikhye with a snack today.

The teacher who cannot attend that day, please feel the sadness with rice cake and sikhye.

In America, we say “feeling sadness with rice cake” as “eat your feelings.”  With how many teachers and departments purchase snacks for our office, I sometimes wonder about the prevalence of stress eating.

Photo Corner – More Boats

I returned to the Mokpo Maritime Museum with Sugar, The King, and Flatcap.  Therefore, I took photos of boats.  I didn’t bother to caption them – partly out of laziness and partly out of redundancy.

“This is a boat.”

“This, too, is a boat.”

“Whoa, what do you know?  Another boat!”


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