Super Photo Corner – Nightmare’s Suncheon Birthday Bash

Nightmare turned 27 two weekends ago.  He decided to drag us to Suncheon for an afternoon of ambling through flower parks and a night of noraebang mayhem.  The Bard, The King, The Immortal, Sugar, and Flatcap all participated along with two ladies I’ve seldom seen since orientation.

We all took photos worth sharing.  Enjoy.


Korean culture inspired me to undergo a few plastic surgeries.  Just kidding.  This is the photograph I show Hair Shop stylists.

“Ee-roh-kay joo-say-yo” (Like this, please).

They nail it every time.  Sometimes you just gotta keep it simple, stupid.


While I will not argue against this stone’s peculiar figure, I will also say that no two rocks are the same.  Therefore, each and every rock is “unique.”


This must be how The Bard and Flatcap feel on their islands – limited space coupled with soul-crushing isolation.


The Suncheon Bay Flower Garden was much more pleasing in April.  Greenery greatly enhanced the scenery.


We also took a trip to Thailand that weekend.  Seriously.


Thailand is lovely this time of year, but there were too many Korean tourists.  We might as well have stayed in Suncheon.


Would you believe me if I said we went to Mexico as well?


I didn’t think so.  Oh well.  At least this fountain was pretty.


Let this be a public service announcement.

Not only does alcohol kill brain cells, it also leads to rapid growth of purple hair and bunny ears.

Studies have also shown that people who drink are 25 times more likely to appear in sleazily-lit photographs than their teetotaling counterparts.


This is what happens when Clifford the Big Red Dog breaks into your home and accidentally ingests your stash of LSD.  Of course, Emily Elizabeth was into drugs.  She spent the majority of her afternoons frolicking with hallucinations of dogs.


The correlational link between alcohol and rabbit ears grows stronger.  That’s two cases thus far (and thousands more each Halloween).


The flower garden had a surprising number of old imported cars – three.


Nightmare’s desire to pop birthday bubbly led him to a champagne-sized bottle of Hoegaarden Rosee.  I tried a sip.  It wasn’t terrible.  It’s no Tiger, but it wasn’t terrible.


Any majority Misfit gathering justifies one of us to take a group selfie.  For the first time in a while, that person wasn’t me.


Sugar showed us a wonderful brunch spot on Sunday.  The view of the river and local park was amazing – almost amazing as the peanut butter shake I ordered.


I had a Californian dream last night.  I dreamed I walked into a Hollister and subsequently went blind and smell-deaf from poor lighting and aggressively ample cologne.


Two Englishmen rep their country’s garden.  The American garden was largely underwhelming #throwingshade.


As students self-studied, I glanced out at the lovely eco-park that runs up to my school.  I am so grateful to live in this town.  I have easy access to city-based comforts, yet simultaneously feel a close proximity to nature.


“Teacher, we take a photo?”



Rose Street looks much more beautiful in May.  The season of green has been one to remember.  While I can certainly wait for the boiling summer, the re-awakening of vegetation breathes a second wind into my soul.

2 thoughts on “Super Photo Corner – Nightmare’s Suncheon Birthday Bash

  1. These pics are wonderful and i can see why you are still in korea—-just make sure it isnt a movie set. ha ha. love you writing and hope someone is collecting all of it—-will make a great book. i miss seeing you in person—but this is wonderful for me to know what fun and excitment you are having love u lots, keep exsporing grandie


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