My Favorite Student Scripts

At the end of last semester, it was difficult to motivate students to do much.  Exams concluded as students prepared for the Winter Festival.  Most practiced dances and songs before the festival and then watched movies after.

However, by sheer force of will (and culturally-mandated deference to teachers), I convinced many of my classes to write and perform their own scripts.  I chose four of my favorites and decided to type them into a screenplay format.  I also corrected some grammar issues while keeping the storylines intact.

I would give credit, but I don’t feel right putting high school kids’ names on the internet.  If any students read my blog and call me out, I will gladly acquiesce.

1.  Delicious Olaf

My students love the movie Frozen.  I found these students’ parody particularly pleasing (if not hunger-inducing).

2.  Party Time

I always love a good story about partying.  This club caper made little sense, yet kept me engaged.

3.  Taeyoung and the Dangerous Restroom

As many student groups showed, restrooms can be rife with conflict.  This play happened to be my favorite toilet-themed tale.

4.  The Legend of Gaeun Feat Hogwarts

Finally, I had to appreciate a group’s creativity combining Harry Potter and Doraemon (a popular Japanese cartoon).  SPOILER ALERT:  Not everyone dies.

Photo Corner


A group of teachers took me to Gangjin while the students were away on a field trip.  We enjoyed an amazing traditional Korean meal and did some sightseeing.  My two lovely co-teachers are on the far right.

Before the picture, I noticed the Health Teacher posing with a gun.  Therefore, the only safe option was to post with two guns.20180517_145928

While prison sounds scary, a prison of hanging flowers does not.


The mirror image suggests that I am driving, but I am not.  This was our sketchy cab ride featuring Sugar, Potato, Alphaville, and Junior.


I am surprised to see the German influence on Korea.  Many Korean bars are actually called “hofs” (pronounced “ho-peu”)


My friends and I tried a sushi restaurant one night.  It’s no Sushimono, but I didn’t complain.


This school lunch represented traditional Korean deli fare – mandoo dumplings, kimchi soup, regular kimchi, sliced pickled radishes, and kimbap.


The food was so plentiful in Gangjin I needed a panorama shot to capture it all.


“Hey guys, can I borrow one of your books?”

“Shut up, Travis.  You can’t read.”

“I can too!”



I had a vague feeling that my mom would appreciate these moon-shaped flower posts – like something she would find at a yard sale and buy because it’s “so cute.”


I took a foggy hike up Oryong Mountain.  The feeling was surreal.


Abandoned mountain gyms abound in Korea.  Sometimes it is fun to stop my hike for a 10-pull-up intermission.  No wonder the obesity rate here is so low.  My jumbo-sized countrymen should take note.

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