My Crazy Cool Messenger IV

I’m on staycation this week and elected to keep it light.  Here are some more fun botched Google translations.  Enjoy.

I’m sorry, I’ve made you uncomfortable with too many messages.

The band became difficult to operate due to operational difficulties.

Please note that the homeroom teacher will give you the second assignment

Thank you.

First of all, I forgive you (even though it took many showers to purge the previous messages from my mind).

Second, I can totally relate.  Sometimes this blog becomes difficult to write because of writing difficulties.  Sometimes you just gotta keep pushin’.

I want to play volleyball from 5pm this Wednesday (28th).

Regardless of ability !! The purpose is to have everyone laugh and talk together

You do not have to worry about whether there will be a lot of players or not.

As many as many !! As little as you can !! We are going to proceed.

Please let me know in your message to your teacher ~

If you have a good opinion on the formation and activation of the new South Africa, please do not hesitate to tell us.

Thank you.

I always enjoy some evening volleyball.

For the record, there were not many players.  I was disappointed.

However, that disappointment pales in comparison to my opinion on the “formation and activation of the new South Africa.”  The old South Africa (after the racism-rich old-old South Africa) seemed headed in the right direction.  But what do I know with my ignorant American ass?

Recently, strangers who come to school for daughters often come to you.

(I heard the conversation with the police

It is said that she received a revelation that her hidden daughter in the dream was in the Namaku …)

What?  My mind is so full of f#%*.

Plus, what an oddly specific revelation.

“Your long-lost daughter is currently a student in a South Korean high school.”

I saw a student who did not set a club among the students and wandered around for a few days to set up a gang club.

If the student asks, if it is possible even if it is a little difficult, I would like to accept the student and be able to work together.

I would appreciate it if you could help me feel a sense of belonging and live in school.

I’m happy I could start a club last semester.  I endorse getting high school kids out of the streets, out of the gang club, and into my classroom playing English-speaking games.

Say no to “gang club.”

Hello? This is Seats.

This is a comprehensive list of beaches in May.

Look at it and prepare it in advance.

I was much more impressed with the list of beaches in May.  The April list left much to be desired.  However, they forgot to list Santa Monica which made me sad.

Good morning ~ Distinguished teachers !!

Are you having a lazy afternoon !?

I will give you good news !!

What is that good news !?


The sexual innuendo is too much for me.

“Pardon me, boss.  Can I leave work a bit early today?  As much as I enjoy our lazy afternoons, I want to give my wife the good news.”

Good morning ~ Distinguished teachers !!

At 5 o’clock !!!

Namak and April Mockingbird origins Grand Prix Originals Volleyball You did not forget ~?

Please bring your combat uniform and combat shoes together!

After the game, add rice pudding to rice bowl and drink a cup of iron! I’ll do it.

Please be free until evening time.

Thank you!!

In addition to the previous mentions of volleyball combat uniforms, this message added the extra wrinkle of a Mockingbird Grand Prix.  I quite enjoyed watching those birds race through the hallways.

I also did not realize how much I would enjoy drinking iron.  The heavy metal poisoning was much less severe than previously anticipated.

Hello? The top class is [School Counselor]. I think you had a good honey weekend. I hope you all start this week.

Information that helps students understand their behavior. We will send you a newsletter in May.

Read along with the thick coffee.

I only read with the thickest of coffee.  If it’s runnier than honey I’m out.

Yesterday 4th floor 1st grade 4th half Men’s urinal was clogged.

It is said that clogging occurred because there are lots of foreign substances and chalk.

What kind of rascal puts chalk in a urinal?  There is an obscure place in hell for you I’m sure.

As for the foreign substances, it obviously had to come from a foreigner.  There are two foreigners at my school – the Chinese teacher and myself.  Therefore, the female Chinese teacher obviously clogged the urinal and framed me.  Come on.  Would I lie to you?

Teachers will turn nice for 10 minutes to 2017.

Just a moment later…


Those ten minutes might have been my best memory of 2017.  My teachers are normally quite mean.  2018 has been especially bad.  I await the magical ten minutes of 2018 niceties.

Summer vacation is finally starting now.

He has suffered. Congratulations on your vacation.

I would like to thank all of you who have taught your students quietly in the education frontline and have faithfully fulfilled their duties.

This message is so serious.  First teachers are Jesuses who suffer so I can enjoy my vacation.

Then the message takes a military turn.  I must say it wasn’t always east on the frontlines, but I artfully dodged flying kimchi and pencils and survived my first year.  I can only hope my second tour of duty is half as fulfilling.

Photo Corner


This is the most sober-ish picture I have from a fun Saturday in Gwangju.  My picture with the birthday girl did not make the cut.  Happy Birthday, Robbyne!


Left the mainland for an afternoon with my teachers.  Enjoyed a traditional (and lately predictable) meal of raw and cooked abalone.  It was the kind of meal I always enjoy but never pay for myself :).


Meet To-ree and Na-ree – Wando’s motley mascots.  I’m partial to Nam-do and Nam-ee, but I am a tad biased.


If this is a portmanteau of “fresh” and “trash,” it could spawn a whole new kind of diet.

“Can you really eat donuts on your new diet?”

“Only if it less than one hour old.  It’s the revolutionary new Frash Diet.  It’s going to change the eating game.”

On second thought, it’s probably just a typo :P.


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