Super Photo Corner – Naju Camp

I spent the past week working with middle school students at Dongshim University in Naju.  That is why I didn’t post last week.  I plan to post a piece of writing on the matter soon.  In the meantime, however, enjoy some camp photos.


I barely fit in this room.  I can’t imagine how two people live here for a year.  In other news, I gained a reputation for slinging around 2-liter bottles of water all week.


The English signs around the classrooms was a nice touch.


“Ian!  Come play with us!  We love you!”


The school imprisoned a harem of rabbits on an island next to the dormitory.  Apparently, they are fed with buckets on a pulley system.


My classroom had a lovely sign.  I didn’t choose entertainment, but I was grateful for this corner in the end.


Can you even call it a Korean university without a Buddha statue?


My co-teacher was the best.  For two camp rookies (first summer camp) we did a damn good job.


This is a sample daily schedule.  With 7-8 classes, evening activities, and meetings, we were busy from 7:30 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.


For Lesson 1, students made movie posters in groups.  They did a great job considering the limited time.


Loved watching students enjoy our board/card game night.


I enjoyed arranging my classroom similar to Namak High School – groups of 4-5 students with tables arranged in a square.


One class had an impressive list of arguments against computer games.


My homeroom was the Great Lions.  Class 8 is great!


My homeroom class and I look awesome.  Our lovely activities coordinator is there at the bottom, too.


My co-teacher introduced me to the Snow application.  Now I finally know where all of my students’ cat-filtered pictures come from.  The last picture is my favorite.  Co-teacher looks like a hippie.


Students loved to draw me on their mini-whiteboards.  Had to keep them on-task.


Thursday night was Golden Bell – a classic trivia elimination game in Korea.  “O” mean true.  “X” means false.


I asked to take a selfie with one of my students.  She finished in the top-4 of Golden Bell.  However, upon reaching for my phone, nearby girls instinctively posed as well.


2 of my homeroom students placed in the top four in Golden Bell.  I was so proud.


Damn it, man!  Stay on task!  I look good though.


Friday was full of selfies and sad faces.  Students had so much fun.


I miss these kids already.  Class 8 is great!


My co-teacher joined the crazy native teachers one evening.  Despite the abundance of children, we still carved out some time for “adult extracurriculars.”


“What did you just ask me?”


“Your class always poses for pictures.  I do not approve.  Thumbs down.”

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