Super Photo Corner – Winter Festival Art Expo

It’s cold once again.  My power bill is low, my layers are many, and my classes keep getting canceled.

It must be time for the winter festival.

I had a wonderful time last year and can hardly wait to enjoy this year’s festivities.

Festival Week begins with hallways lined with students’ artwork.  This year, I want to share some of my favorite pieces with all of you.

I loved this series of projects as students reimagine everyday items in a different context.  In this case, lipstick tubes serve as moon-based mass transit.
I love the details of the hummingbird the most.  Many students walked by this piece emitting a “와!” (Wow!)
I saw this in theaters just before my birthday (mostly because it was the only English movie available that day).  It took me embarrassingly long to realize the movie was based on the famous Russian ballet of the same name.
While I was growing up, my parents loved the picturesque, streetside pastoral pieces of Thomas Kinkade.  This painting totally reminds me of his style.
What message do you think this sends?  I think it’s trying to depict big business attempting to steal our piggy banks.  “No!”  I say.  “I do not consent!”
The clock is ticking.  The Earth is sick.  What can we do?
Some pictures had bright colors that brought some vibrancy to otherwise dreary winter weather.
This looks like something I would see in Latin America or even Southern California (a.k.a. North Mexico).
Wow.  What an elegant and lovely robot.  If the machines do take over, I can only hope they all look this fabulous.
I wonder how many bodies are hidden in that cabin.
This is me trying to read a book in the early to late afternoon.  I do my best, but it’s hard to stay focused.
All of these nature scenes remind me of hiking.  I might indulge myself over vacation.  And I absolutely will when I visit Danang this February.
This reminds me of a typical bus ride through Korea.  Green mountains dot the land as far as the eye can see.
I hope to remember this one so I can sleep and dream of spring.
“It’s the eye of the tiger, it’s the dream of the fight..”
I miss roller coasters.  It’s been too long, man.  Too long.
Don’t do it, Alice.  Don’t listen to them!  You’re on drugs, Alice.  Drugs!
This giraffe looks so wise to me.  Maybe the calendar biases my judgment.  But I don’t know any other giraffes with a calendar.


This may my favorite student-drawn portrait yet.  I love it because it included some writing about me as well.  #2 is about me as the phrase “이안쌤” translates as “Ian Teacher.”  The sentence says something like “Ian Teacher, who likes Korean, makes us quiet when he speaks in Korean.”  It’s true.  If the class doesn’t respond to my English requests for quiet, then some deep-voiced Korean commands always bring order.


Unfortunately, I can’t read this one.  But I’m sure it says something like “Ian Teacher has a small head and big body because his muscles are so badass.  He is my favorite teacher ever.”
The wolf’s smile is so fearsome, so happy, so evil.  I love it.
I love the perspective on this one.  It reminds me of driving home on I-80 in the rain after a long day at stocking shelves at Total Wine & More.
“You are a lovely picture.”  “Hoo?”  “You!”  “Hoo?”  “You!  I said you!”
This painting commemorates the end of the Bunny-Gerbil War – a war that claimed the lives of many cute critters.
I wonder if my students’ paintings are for sale.  Mom!  Would you like a painting like this on your wall?
A painting of a scrapbook?  Not bad.  It also reminds me to check where my passport is.  I haven’t used it in a while :P.
I’ve cooked a ton of pumpkin in the past several months.  I think that drew me to this picture.
This reminds me of how we’re all dealing with our own emotional problems.  Each and every one of us must navigate a network of interlocking locks – the locks armoring our heart.  It may take a long time, but if we can continue penetrating layer after layer, we may gain the insights we need to become our best selves.
Merry Christmas everyone!


One thought on “Super Photo Corner – Winter Festival Art Expo

  1. Love all the pictures. I would like a picture like that!!! There are some very talented students at your school.


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