Super Photo Corner – Yeosu Teacher Trip

At the conclusion of the 2018 class schedule, I boarded a bus with over 30 fellow teachers for a well-earned retreat.  Many people refer to this as a “workshop.”  By rule, the outing must incorporate an educational component.  For us, that consisted of a 20-minute video and lecture on secondary education at Yeosu High School.

I only guess at the content of the workshop, as it was all in Korean.  Nonetheless, we spent the rest of the time sightseeing and eating and drinking more than most doctors would recommend.   After breaking three months of sobriety, I must say that I’ve never felt more moderate and in control around alcohol.

Overall, I had an excellent time.  I had the chance to bond with teachers, build some social goodwill in the eyes of my co-workers, and tour a beautiful city I’ve visited thrice before.


The Korean Coast Guard does not play around.  Those are some serious ships.


Our first stop was the aquarium.  Situated in a large complex that hosted Expo 2012, it serves as a well-maintained and tourist-heavy district of Yeosu.


I’m slowly becoming desensitized to Korean animated mascots.  They are everywhere.  But this beluga whale was adorable.


This may have been the nicest Christmas tree I’ve seen in Korea.


I’m so hungry!  Just you wait.  When I free myself from these cables, I’m gonna eat you so hard.  Watch me.  And then die.


In Korea, raccoons are valued zoo members.  In America, they are rabies-toting trash munchers.


Silly penguin.  Why are you on your belly like that?  There’s no ice in there.  You can’t slide there.


Nice to meet you.  My name is Greg.  I want to escape back to my home on The Moon.  Can you help me?


I felt sad watching the sea lions.  They just swam in an endless circle like a marine treadmill.  They need more space, fresh air, and dumb tourists to bite.




What’s up, dude?  Name’s Crush.  Glad to meet you!


These manta rays are a long way from their native habitat of Tampa Bay, Florida.  That is where devil rays come from.  Right?


One interesting attraction was the mermaid show.  A conspicuously all-Caucasian troupe performed as mermaids, sea turtle mascots, and magicians.


I’m glad I don’t get random nosebleeds anymore.  Or else I would’ve been in deep shit.


What’s up, Crush?  Long time, no see.


Bad Joke Eel:  “I have a fear of speed bumps.  But I am slowly getting over it.”


I caught the tail end of this strange show.


This may be my ignorance talking, but I don’t think that is their scientific classification.


It wasn’t my favorite aquarium, but I have to admit – the ocean tunnel was a nice touch.


“Ho!  Ho!  Ho!  Nice to see you, Ian!”


The view from my hotel room was stunning.  Yeosu really cleaned themselves up back in 2012.  The neighborhood was lovely.


You know you’re in a nice hotel when your movie theater has a swimming pool.  Or when your swimming pool has a movie theater.


A staple of Korean bar food is a platter of dried fish.  My omega-3’s have never been better.


I loved the gondola ride the next day.  But many teachers pissed themselves as the wind whipped our car to-and-fro.


The teacher trip was a well-deserved reward for the hardworking teachers and administrators at Namak High School.  It was a fun way to end 2018.  I can only hope that similar adventures await this year.

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