Super Photo Corner – Japan – The Manga Museum

One site that sightseers recommended was the Kitakyushu Manga Museum.  I’ve only read one manga comic in my life.

Growing up, one friend always gave me books for my birthday.  At the time, I thought my love of video games masked my dislike of reading.  However, I somehow found the motivation to read every book he gave me (despite rarely giving my English class novels the time of day).  As a result, I read One Piece back in the day.  It was about pirates or something.

I completely forgot about that until one group of students wrote a One Piece-themed short drama as a final project.

In short, I decided to check out the Manga Museum.


This may be the strangest story I ever read.  Is Tarzan an earwig?  I guess Malaysian humor and drama is lost on me.


Someday, Ian.  Someday you will be someone’s “Giant Geek Boyfriend.”  Just you wait.


The shave struggle is real, especially after losing the top of my trimmer.  Now it’s clean-shaven, mountain beard, or bust.


You want to feel worldly?   Read an Indonesian comic about a Korean food item while touring a Japanese museum.


My favorite part was the amateur comic contests.  The art contest winners showed a cleverness that transcends language.


Lady and the Tramp meets The Frog Prince.


I didn’t quite get this one, but I do love water :).


Have you ever approached a woman thinking it was your mama only to realize it wasn’t your mama?


Why can’t our traffic PSAs be so cute and insightful?


Those lips are not worth wining about.  No need to pout.


How grateful I feel to not live in fear of the summer.  #heattoleranceprivilege


Whoo!  Let’s get it on!


Social media can be scary addictive.  One app can reel in all of the apps if we’re not careful.


I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand this one.  Something to do with Instagram butts?


I can relate.  I had a tough time finding public wi-fi in Japan.  I’m happy I never ossified into a skeleton sitting at a local cafe.


A screw and a nut?  If this artist didn’t know about English sexual euphemisms, then this comic is hilariously coincidental.  Nevermind.  The screw is a bolt :(.


How funny would it be if someone stood in the line of a carousel and took bets?


I understood this one until the end.  The last panel had me shook.


Tongue-tied much?  Leave the kissing to the experts (the French) (maybe the French Canadians?) (Nah, just any place that speaks French) (such as American high school classrooms)


This explains my mornings so well.  Love my morning brew :).


Let us bow our heads for a moment of silence in reverence to the almighty dollar.


That chef is jacked.  He reminds me of a man that The Immortal showed us in Mokpo.  Now I just call him “Jacked Kimbap Man.”


I even got a film contract.  Coming soon!  Fall 2019.


This sign says not to drop your phone into the toilet (no shit).  But the colors and symbols suggest that it is the only permissible activity.  Fortunately, I did none of these things.


Second hands?

No.  Just no.  The in-your-face sexuality was quite jarring compared to a country as sexually conservative as Korea.  The 7-Elevens had nudie mags.

As for “second hands”, I don’t want to know what the first pair of hands did with those mags.


“Autobots…assemble for lunch!”

Sorry.  That is absolutely wrong.  I have no idea who this is :P.

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