Super Photo Corner – Japan – The TOTO Toilet Museum

Image result for where did you buy your clothes the toilet store

“Where do you get your culture?  At the toilet museum?”

Yes.  Yes, I did.

I was surprised to learn that the Fukuoka Prefecture was home to TOTO – a company known for making badass toilets.  My parents used to joke that you knew someone had a good toilet if it was a TOTO.


After watching sumo on television later that day, I can attest that sumo wrestlers are giant human beings who rightfully command larger toilets.


Can we bring this back?  Do we still do this?  What a hell of a way to go organic.


Are we sure she was taking a bath?  My untrained eyes tell me that she is someone’s dinner.


It’s amazing to consider how little bathrooms have changed since the 1950s.


A classic example of an Eastern-style toilet (a.k.a. a squatty potty).  I only used one once. I was terrified of accidentally missing or even worse, dropping a log in my underwear.  The sole reason I use toilets is to avoid that latter outcome.


Fear not, everyone.  The astronaut toilets of the future are the toilets of now!


These new touchpads can spray your backside, warm your seat, play soothing music, and even call for help if you’re stranded without toilet tissue.


It turns out that early urinals looked like drinking fountains.  This is why I go to museums – indispensable learning.


My favorite part of the modern set-up is the option of a “flushing sound.”  Have we actually engineered the flushing sound out of toilets?  Did everyone know this?  How long have I been in the dark?  Wake up sheeple!  Toilet flushes are a manufactured myth!


Like people, toilets gradually get shorter starting in middle age.


This is Potty Bot.  Potty Bot can demonstrate the proper way to use a toilet.  Toilet training has never been so effective or complicated.


I’m with you, kid.  Potty Bot was a terrible idea.

If he actually has to pee, then this makes no sense.  I’ve never seen someone so close to an unoccupied toilet look so upset.


Of course, the TOTO Toilet Museum would have some space-age public restrooms.  Of course.


I need a little bathtub lovin’ in my life.


What the hologram is this?  The waterless sink?  This is why East Asia is overtaking the U.S. in…like…everything.


New bathtubs look like boats.  In the future, maybe bathrooms will flood so we can exit our tub and take a swim.


“We can make it in 8 hours as long we drive straight through and don’t stop.”


The efficiency of space here epitomizes the term “water closet.”  I respect it.

3 thoughts on “Super Photo Corner – Japan – The TOTO Toilet Museum

  1. After potty training a second set of twins I have learned toilet design is everything! Put Elmo on it or an owl face and suddenly the toilet is not so intimidating. Glad to know some country has recognized the importance of this universal need. 🙂


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