Super Photo Corner – Going Going Back Back To Cali Cali

After 18 months abroad, I had the privilege of visiting home soil again.  I whiled away two weeks in California snowboarding, watching movies, and gorging myself on Mexican food and ice cream until my stomach bulged and I prayed for the sweet relief of kimchi and death.


My Dad was somewhat happy to see me.  Also, this picture likens San Francisco to a classic music video.

“Take…on…me…” (Take on me)

“Take…me….on….” (Take on me)

“I’ll…be…gone…in exactly two WEEEEEEEKS.”


I missed the feeling of a frozen beard as I ascended the mountain on a chairlift chariot of fire.  Hairs encapsulate moisture like thistles cling to a dog’s fur.


Mother Nature hammered Lake Tahoe this winter.  Yes, those snow drifts are taller than me :P.  Also yes, my sister is nearly as tall as me :O.


If you don’t start your morning in Lake Tahoe with a snowy trek to the Tahoe House coffee shop, you might as well stay in bed.  Also, how much more weight can that roof tolerate?  #swole #roofgainz


This sheepish smile characterized my whole trip.  Trying to avert my gaze with the false belief that if I can’t see it, I can’t count it in my daily calories.  On the other hand, love me some dominoes.


Snow plows carved trenches between doors redolent of the Great War.


Okay, I am finished going on about the snow.  But good lord it was a lot of snow.


I’m not sure if I missed the variety and excess of American grocery store aisles.  But returning to shelves of 10+ Oreo flavors certainly provided some reverse culture shock.


But the view from my parents’ deck was not shocking at all.  In fact, I missed it dearly.


How in the hell does one American body squeeze this much food down their throat in one sitting?  Restaurant portions may have been the biggest culture shock of all.  I asked for a restaurant to-go box for the first time in years.

How do people consume this much food on top of unlimited chips and salsa?  The mind boggles.


A line of palm trees set against a mildly cloudy sky – does it get more California than this?


Dug this little gem out of a drawer.  While Ian Teacher has a heart of gold, Mr. S did not play around.  In fact, he was borderline militant.  Students would mockingly salute and bark “yes, sir.”


I know my Mom was happy to see me :).


It rained far too much during my stay, but the upside was a plethora of rainbows.


This scene from a local coastal oyster bar could characterize many American coastlines (South Atlantic, North Pacific, Gulf, you name it).


We seasoned these.  If you shuck an oyster and the meat bears these colors naturally, don’t eat it.  Please.


A weary smile belies feelings of fatassery.

“Please.  No more.  I can only eat one more bite.  Okay, maybe that bite too.  Well, since we’ve made it this far we might as well grab some ice cream.”


I also missed coastal hiking.  Northern California has some gorgeous views if you seek them out.


And two weeks later, he took his heart from San Francisco and took it to Korea.  Just as he’d done 18 months prior.


Those snacks never stood a chance.


Yes!  Exercise!  Time to burn off a tiny fraction of the calories I’ve consumed 😛



I finally joined the selfie-mile-high club.  Also, travel tip – the airline blanket can keep your neck warm mid-flight.  All while serving as comic relief for other passengers.  Everyone wins.

Though I will miss my family, I am thrilled to be back in Korea and even more thrilled to resume work next week.

2 thoughts on “Super Photo Corner – Going Going Back Back To Cali Cali

  1. It was so good to see you Ian. You look great and maybe a little more buff from all your exercise. I know your Mom was so happy to see you and so sad to see you leave. You will always be her little boy! Enjoy your visit to Viet Nam.


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