How To Download Your TED Talk Video to Study Offline

Welcome to my blog!

For our first formal assessment, we will give a summary speech on a TED Talk of your choice.

Once you choose your topic, it can help to download the video so you can study it without the use of the internet.  There are two methods to save your videos.

1 – The Video Can Download from TED Directly

This is the easiest and most common method to download TED talks.

First, in the upper-left corner of the video, click “Share.”


Then, click “Download.”


Next, choose the subtitles you would like (if any)


Finally, click “Download Video.”


2 – The Video Cannot Download from TED Directly

Some videos do not have a download option.  However, you can still save the video by using an external website.

First, copy the URL of the video you want to download.


Next, visit 


Next, paste your video URL into the text box.  Click “Download.”  You may have to exit out of a pop-up advertisement.


Click on the video quality you want.  The video may take a minute to prepare.


Right-click the download button.  Choose “Save link as…”


Give your video download a name.  Click.  “Save.”


Best of luck watching your TED Talks and preparing your talking points :).


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