My Crazy Cool Messenger VI (Series Finale)

With my last piece of evidence from Namak High School, I present the final episode of My Crazy Cool Messenger.


Google Translate is a comedy goldmine.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Stay strong!

The blue color looks a little luxurious,

Please report it to us

We will give you a delicious chocolate cookie.

Yes, Mr. Principal.  Your precious little traditional pillow is the most gorgeous shade of blue I’ve ever seen.  The sky envies whatever that color is called.

Now give me my fucking cookie.

Today 1:10 pm (lunchtime)

There is a volleyball game between priests.

Thank you very much ^ ^

I will sincerely miss the priestly games we once played.  It was sad to hang up my robes for the joy and bustle of the Institute.

For each class, please make sure that the students who are in charge of milk feeding are allowed to take milk after the 1st class.

Milk feeding!  It sounds like the school has an on-campus daycare center.  To be fair, that is a reality in some schools in the U.S.  Just not at Namak High.

The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family is carrying out the ‘Intercultural Exchange’ project every year in order to strengthen the global competence of youth and promote mutual understanding and friendship between countries.

Yet another old fart screams about the “incompetence of youth.”  Youth are more competent than we give them credit for.  That being said, it’s super progressive for a province

At the end of the yesterday ‘

The one who put the 0.7 pencil on the sho …

I keep it …

If you tell me, I will …

So you stole my fucking pencil?

You know what?  I will tell you.  I’ll tell you so hard you’ll be admiring my butt from the pavement through a straw.

You know what I mean.

Here’s why:

An introduction to homosexuality in South Korea and volleyball.

2019 male student and volleyball.

I don’t even know why these two topics came together.  I guess it’s prejudiced to assume they shouldn’t be together, but that’s not the point. 

The point is, I skipped this assembly so it still makes no sense to me.

Thank you very much for reading my message in the middle of the semester!

(Oh ~~ I wanted to leave a message that is creatively simple but impressive.

In the end, I sent only this long and boring message.

No, boring teacher.  You no longer get points for your intentions.  You cannot stand still on the path to progress.  You must start walking.

Next time, I recommend a haiku.  They’re kinda creative!

p.s. If you are wondering about the operation of the wig, please check the wastewater operation schedule I sent in March.

Yes, how does this wig operate?  When is it my turn?  I want to have beautiful, luxurious locks doused in wastewater.  I’d spend all day in class brushing the waste from my hair while the students watch a movie.

Rationale: Schools of each class should conduct sexual harassment, prostitution, and sexual violence prevention education once a year for one hour or more, as stipulated by the related law.

Smokey the Pimp says, “Only you can prevent prostitution.”

The contents of the event are as follows.

1 – Topic: “Let’s go for a picnic in the DMZ!”

2 – Date & Time: May 27, 2019 (Sat) 05:45 ~ 23:00

Damn, dude.  That’s damn near an 18-hour picnic.  I don’t think I am capable of eating food for that long.

Plus I have mixed feelings about DMZ tourism.  I’m glad I got to skip that one.

Life like flowers ‘blooming’ again

Conscience and Truth ‘Again’

The pleated wrinkles and the bent waist ‘re-stretch’

I’d love to come back April like a lie.

It will be asleep when April comes back again …

This teacher really upped their creative game from four messages ago.

Although I’m not sure what it means when the bent waist ‘re-stretches.’  Interesting turn of phrase.  Though it does make me miss springtime in Korea.

On the first day of midterm examination, everyone was nervous and nervous.

I was nervous in my first subject (English) examination and seemed to have no mind to prepare for the examination. 

I was so nervous and nervous that I forgot to nervous.  English.  The redundancy of Google Translate tickles me so.


It seems that I ran for 2 months without any reason.

It seems that all the teachers are doing their educational activities in a calm state because of their good role in their respective positions.

You ran for two months for no reason?  Who are you?  Forrest Gump?

Wearing badges

– Do not wear a kimono, or wear a different student badge.

– It is better to call the name on the badge.

– Suggestions for wearing stationary badges like other schools → Describe the problem of human rights violation

The school gave students nametags last semester.  At first, conformity ran rampant.  Students wore their names with loyalty and pride.

And then entropy ensued and students said, “Fuck that shit.”

Students wore different names, no nametag at all, and ultimately rebelled against perceived human rights violation.

It is a hot summer, but cold is prevalent. Be careful of all the cold! ~

Cold Korean summer?  Nope.  Nope.  Definitely not a thing. 

Typhoons?  Maybe. 

Heavy rains?  For sure. 

Humidity?  Turnt up! 

Cold?  Your ass must be crazy!


Hope everyone has a great week!

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