Super Photo Corner – Taipei

Due to busy workweeks and busier weekends, I’ve failed to post in the past six weeks.  Plus I’ve been pounding a brick wall of writer’s block.

But I did just return from a long-weekend getaway to Taipei, so I might as well share some photos.

Cheers!  🙂

IMG_4162They say beer tastes best on vacation :).  So why not start on the plane?


It feels real the minute you see that foreign flag you only knew from textbooks fluttering in the airport breeze.


The Taipei Metro stole my childhood plastic coins and repurposed them for single-ride tickets.


Kiss and ride?  It sounds like an inventive new app.  But I failed to investigate :(.


I loved meandering through the capital of night markets.  Sales and sweets for days!


Similar to Korea, the dominant car color is white, silver, and black by far.


And now for obligatory food pictures.  Feel free to scroll down if annoyed.


Subway stations had some fun decorations, including a teenager’s bedroom for some reason.


A wild Korean toast restaurant appears!


The “foothill” towns of Jiufen and Shifen provided incredible views, gorgeous architecture, and delicious peanut ice cream wraps :).  I met some lovely English ladies on my tour.  We became friends.  For like a day.


Subtropical Taiwan boasts lush greenery I can only dream about here in November.


I concluded my tour by launching a hot air balloon of good fortune.  The colored sides represent peace (red), popularity (pink), wealth (goldenrod), and success (yellow) in that order.


“Don’t bat your lashes at me, missy!”


“Look, Ma!  I’m making friends.  We had dinner together.  See?”


Taipei is littered with parks and sculptures for days.  Even the subway stations are not safe from the sculptors’ reign of artistic terror.


No trip is complete without a trip up a nearby “mountain” and an obligatory cityscape selfie :).


This behemoth is a temple-and-a-half :O!


I met a gaggle of people while traversing the city.  Brits, Germans, a Frenchman who wanted nothing but to chase girls with his Japanese classmates, a Dane who learned how to say “Hello, you’re pretty” in like 20 different languages, tech entrepreneurs, freelancers, English teachers, Japanese bloggers, a Youtube documentarian, and a computer genius who works with six screens at once!

I never imagined such a social solo holiday :).


This won’t be the last time you see me, Taiwan.  With hot food, warm people, lush greenery, and mildly damp weather, I found so much to love.

Until next time!


6 thoughts on “Super Photo Corner – Taipei

  1. So great to see you have such amazing experiences! I have to admit I teared up seeing my name. You have been and always have had a very special place in my heart! I know it is early but Have a great Birthday! I wish I could send you a special treat, for now just a huge virtual hug!
    I love you!


  2. I was in Taipei, Taiwan a couple decades ago; actually I was there when 9/11 happened in the states. I was serving for a few a house mother for traveling missionaries to the region. The Taiwan missionaries took me sight-seeing through the area; it is a beautiful country. Betty Varner (Gustafsons’ Grandma)


    1. Wow that sounds incredible! I agree that it is beautiful. I still dream of going back and enjoying the countless hikes that the island has to offer.

      That sounds like an incredible experience for you 🙂


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