Super Photo Corner – New Apartment = PICS

Back in August I took the leap from the apartment secured by the Institute and struck out on my own – finding my own apartment with the help of a local real estate office.

After some initial challenges and hardships common to all who move, I feel very satisfied and comfortable in this 2-bed, 1-bath abode.

Most apartments designate the first digit as the floor number. I’m perched up on the 5th floor – just high enough to take the elevator almost exclusively. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I have an elevator now. #μ•„νŒŒνŠΈμƒν™œ

My favorite aspect of this apartment is the open space. Gone is the claustrophobic feeling of cramped quarters. In fact, I may have had more space in my first apartment than my second, despite my second apartment having more rooms.

Even my shoes and towels can have their own room here :).

Forgive the mess – dishes are drying. But I appreciate the extra cupboard space in the kitchen. The refrigerator was not included – I had to buy it from a used appliance store. But it gets the job done.

With an additional bedroom, I was able to acquire a desk, dresser, and chairs from departing friends. It’s a great space to do some yoga, meditate, or eat my meals in peace.

This shelving unit, another affordable purchase from a co-worker on her way out, is the perfect platform for slow cooking, boiling water, and dry storage. I love having the space to organize my way.

After a long day, I can put up my hat, headphones, and charge my phone.

My co-worker says I’m a “frat boy.” My wall decorations belie a “struggling college student” chic that I’m unwilling to surrender as of yet.

I was also able to secure a used couch and a new bed – meaning my old bed is now a guest bed/couch. Also shout out to California!

I had to buy my own washing machine #μ•„νŒŒνŠΈμƒν™œ. But it’s nice and cozy along with a shoe-rack-turned-laundry shelf that I found at Daiso. It’s the perfect space to keep detergent and a vacuum cleaner.

With a rack and suspended clothes hanger, I have all the space I need to dry my laundry quickly and efficiently.

I wish I could say the view was better. But I still appreciate the spaciousness of this sunroom :).

Do you like the Hello Kitty stickers I bought and affixed the day after signing my lease? Kidding. They were included. But I’m too lazy and compassionate to tear down such a symbol of cuteness.

And it comes with a tub!

While smaller than the bathroom in my Namak apartment, it’s substantially larger than the closet I showered myself in during the past year.

The best thing I bought from my former co-worker wasn’t the bed, nor the desk, nor even the red kitchen shelf. No. The best thing I bought was this set of closet racks. Never have I been able to organize my wardrobe with such breathability. My shirts and slacks smile in return.

Sleeping right below the air conditioner is a blessing and a curse. I slept like a baby once I got over the LED light and humming noise – as well as the irrational fear that the unit would rip out of the wall and crush my skull mid-dream.

Also, the firmer, queen size bed gleaned from my co-worker has been a blessing – like sleeping on a rock hard cloud.

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