Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 1)

Before coming to Korea, I didn't know what Chuseok was (a harvest holiday where Korean families get together to share mountains of homemade cooking). For foreigners, it's a great chance to travel and pow around with friends. I spent one such holiday in Seoul with misfit friends now long-gone. The next two years, I spent … Continue reading Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 1)

Flipped Learning at JIEI (Part Two)

Now that we have the basic definitions and commonly-stated pros and cons to a flipped classroom, how did I come to implement flipped learning in my teacher-trainee course? And more importantly, how did the trainees like it? Finding My Niche When anyone asks I identify myself as the speaking and listening instructor at JIEI. I … Continue reading Flipped Learning at JIEI (Part Two)

Year 3 Cruises Toward Uncertain Closure (Part Two)

Ian Says Goodbye to Newfound Friends Once Again Of the eight native instructors currently under contract at JIEI, three are leaving over the next six weeks - three instructors I've come to consider close colleagues. Look, Ma! I can macrame! Muffin One man (let's call him Muffin) will step onto to the International School circuit … Continue reading Year 3 Cruises Toward Uncertain Closure (Part Two)

Year 3 Cruises To Uncertain Closure (Part One)

It feels tired and trite to drop the word "uncertainty" in casual conversation. I now cringe when I send messages to friends punctuated with the well-intended but cliched, "I hope you're doing well in these times of uncertainty." Let's whip out the thesaurus on 'em: "I hope you're finding peace in these volatile times." "I … Continue reading Year 3 Cruises To Uncertain Closure (Part One)