Quoterday – The Massive Defense of Optimism

The pessimist seems to be at the mercy of reality, whereas the optimist has a massive defense against reality that maintains good cheer in the face of a relentlessly indifferent universe. Martin Seligman, Learned Optimism While I like this quote in some ways, I cannot give my full agreement. On one hand, Seligman makes a convincing case … Continue reading Quoterday – The Massive Defense of Optimism

Confronting Native Speakerism (Part Two)

Last week I shared what I learned about Native-speakerism - a neo-racist ideology that elevates native speakers of English (most often white Western speakers) into a position of cultural superiority.  This produces wide-ranging impacts in classrooms, between co-workers, and between English teachers themselves. I found this workshop both eye-opening and disheartening.  Moreover, it produced an … Continue reading Confronting Native Speakerism (Part Two)