Teacher Training Reflections – First Program (Part One)

https://youtu.be/j-gOJRndXZg As we cross over into February, my first 6-month program as a teacher-trainer is drawing to a close. I feel like it was yesterday that I showed up at JIEI as a fresh teacher-trainer scared out my mind with little dribbles of pee running down my leg as I stepped in front of my … Continue reading Teacher Training Reflections – First Program (Part One)

The Blessed Dregs of December

https://youtu.be/j-gOJRndXZg The month of January [has just passed] and I must say -  last month was good to me. I've re-righted my habits like eating more healthy foods.  I've used the shit out of my slow cooker to stew vegetables, beans, and lentils.  I've also resumed finishing my meals with more mixed nuts and fruits. … Continue reading The Blessed Dregs of December

The Highs and Lows of a Novice Solo Traveler

I recently returned from my summer trip to Hong Kong and Macau - my second solo outing.  The food, sights, views, and cultural experiences were irreplaceable. However, I did not find the experience positive at all times.  Sometimes I encountered ruts, downs, moments of depression. Today I wish to share what I see as the … Continue reading The Highs and Lows of a Novice Solo Traveler