Gretchen Rubin’s Habits Manifesto

In a past post, I explained my preference for discipline and habits over mere motivation.  I firmly believe that the best path toward sustainable and profound life changes begins at the daily level.  While ambitious goals may excite us (especially in the early stages of self-development), sustained daily practice ultimately determines our ability to effect … Continue reading Gretchen Rubin’s Habits Manifesto

Learning From Substitute Teaching

After nine months, I can reflect on what experiences best prepared me for life and work in Korea.  One such experience would have to be the semester I spent substitute teaching. On the surface, this seems obvious. “Oh really?  Spending time teaching prepared you to be a teacher?  You don’t say…” However, the mere act … Continue reading Learning From Substitute Teaching

The Perils of Prosperity

I recently listened to The Vanishing American Adult by Senator Ben Sasse. Before I began, my preconceptions unnerved me. “I hope this isn’t another conservative curmudgeon spitting invective against my ‘lazy and entitled’ generation.” Fortunately, he allayed my fears with those near-exact words in the first 10 minutes of listening. Or was he just being … Continue reading The Perils of Prosperity

Meditational Bliss – Practicing Patience and Fixing Focus

In many mediation sessions, a common thought crosses my mind. “Is this almost over?  How much longer? Come on, man.  I have shit to do.” This thought invites several counter-thoughts. “Damn it, man.  Stop thinking. Return to the breath.” “Isn’t this the point?  We should be able to delay gratification and stick with our activities … Continue reading Meditational Bliss – Practicing Patience and Fixing Focus