Learning From Substitute Teaching

After nine months, I can reflect on what experiences best prepared me for life and work in Korea.  One such experience would have to be the semester I spent substitute teaching. On the surface, this seems obvious. “Oh really?  Spending time teaching prepared you to be a teacher?  You don’t say…” However, the mere act … Continue reading Learning From Substitute Teaching

The Perils of Prosperity

I recently listened to The Vanishing American Adult by Senator Ben Sasse. Before I began, my preconceptions unnerved me. “I hope this isn’t another conservative curmudgeon spitting invective against my ‘lazy and entitled’ generation.” Fortunately, he allayed my fears with those near-exact words in the first 10 minutes of listening. Or was he just being … Continue reading The Perils of Prosperity

Meditational Bliss – Practicing Patience and Fixing Focus

In many mediation sessions, a common thought crosses my mind. “Is this almost over?  How much longer? Come on, man.  I have shit to do.” This thought invites several counter-thoughts. “Damn it, man.  Stop thinking. Return to the breath.” “Isn’t this the point?  We should be able to delay gratification and stick with our activities … Continue reading Meditational Bliss – Practicing Patience and Fixing Focus

Dieting Deviations – The Return of the Carb

A lifetime skill I wish to develop and maintain is cautious skepticism.  That entails a willingness to periodically reevaluate systems, weigh evidence, and admit when one is wrong.  If I can admit that I am wrong, I can take steps to living a more productive and meaningful life.  Steeping oneself in rigid dogma is the … Continue reading Dieting Deviations – The Return of the Carb

Meditational Bliss – The Hard-Earned Rewards of Doing Nothing

I feel much mellower since moving to Korea.  At one time I was a very high-strung, anxious, overly sensitive, cringy, self-centered teenager and young adult.  During those trying times, my father bequeathed sound advice. “You might really benefit from some meditation.” Sadly, the din of anxiety and toxic mindsets deafened me to most wise people’s … Continue reading Meditational Bliss – The Hard-Earned Rewards of Doing Nothing

Mindsets to Success – Impermanence

Anyone who has lived or spent time in Korea can testify to the blistering pace of life here.  “Pali Pali” (hurry, hurry) is virtually a life motto. It hearkens me back to one of the primary principles of Buddhism - impermanence.  Impermanence means that nothing will last forever.  Everything, be it physical, mental, or emotional, … Continue reading Mindsets to Success – Impermanence