Living At Work

While journeying through the boundless literature of countless prescriptions for a happy and fulfilling life, most preach the value of a healthy work-life balance. My current position makes that difficult at times.  Between lesson preparation, classes, workshops, and supplementary activities, JIEI invites ample grind time.  The demands of this job made living near work a … Continue reading Living At Work

Downtime In The Dead of December

If you're reading this now, I'm already dead. Just kidding. Fate willing. But if you're reading this, Christmas is right around the corner and I'm back in the classroom.  Session 2 has begun and the trainees and I are discussing and demonstrating activities and techniques in listening and speaking methodology. It also means I survived … Continue reading Downtime In The Dead of December

9 Improv Activities For Your ESL Classroom

As the listening and speaking instructor at JIEI, I see great value in improv.  We can warm-up our listening and speaking faculties. We have some fun.  We engage in divergent thinking.  We stretch our creative abilities. I'm no improv expert.  While I have three classes and countless weekly workshops under my belt, I've never joined … Continue reading 9 Improv Activities For Your ESL Classroom

Orientation Presentations – Finding Perspective

I recently gave my second presentation to incoming native teachers about the benefits and processes of lesson planning.  Such orientation talks not only helped me meet and encourage fresh foreign English teachers, but also provided a well-timed shift in perspective. This second presentation proved to be a more intimate affair.  JLP rushed nine instructors to … Continue reading Orientation Presentations – Finding Perspective