Learning From Substitute Teaching

After nine months, I can reflect on what experiences best prepared me for life and work in Korea.  One such experience would have to be the semester I spent substitute teaching. On the surface, this seems obvious. “Oh really?  Spending time teaching prepared you to be a teacher?  You don’t say…” However, the mere act … Continue reading Learning From Substitute Teaching

Ian Alienates Students with Harsh Grades

As I have mentioned before, my Korean expatriate experience is littered with both positive experiences and learning opportunities.  However, it is the frustrating days and mistakes that contribute most to my personal growth. For example, I learned that I am not an especially kind grader.  It all started during festival week.  After delaying for much … Continue reading Ian Alienates Students with Harsh Grades

New Year, Old School, Big Changes

One month into the new school year, I have substantially adjusted to my school’s many personnel and office changes. In Korea, teachers and other public officials are required to change venues every 3-5 years in an effort to promote educational equity and discourage corruption.  Therefore, statistically speaking, 20-33% of my school’s teachers are brand new. … Continue reading New Year, Old School, Big Changes