9 Improv Activities For Your ESL Classroom

As the listening and speaking instructor at JIEI, I see great value in improv.  We can warm-up our listening and speaking faculties. We have some fun.  We engage in divergent thinking.  We stretch our creative abilities. I'm no improv expert.  While I have three classes and countless weekly workshops under my belt, I've never joined … Continue reading 9 Improv Activities For Your ESL Classroom

Orientation Presentations – Finding Perspective

I recently gave my second presentation to incoming native teachers about the benefits and processes of lesson planning.  Such orientation talks not only helped me meet and encourage fresh foreign English teachers, but also provided a well-timed shift in perspective. This second presentation proved to be a more intimate affair.  JLP rushed nine instructors to … Continue reading Orientation Presentations – Finding Perspective

Week Two. Less To Do. More Room To Grow

After an initial workweek drenched in mixed emotions, I punched in my office for code Monday morning. My posture stretched skyward with optimism. My predecessor was gone. The current class of six-month trainees returned to their schools. I felt like a full-fledged, albeit green, part of the team. I buzzed with a bit of a … Continue reading Week Two. Less To Do. More Room To Grow

My Favorite Teaching Mindset

What qualities make a good teacher?  Answers rain in from many people. Kind.  Compassionate.  Patient. Diligent.  Growth-oriented. When I consider the common characteristics of quality teachers, I find a single thread that ties them together.  This thread, this mindset, keeps me flying high during the best of times, and sustains me through the worst.  It … Continue reading My Favorite Teaching Mindset

Effective Classroom Rules

One powerful force of classroom management is class rules.  What guidelines will direct student behavior? Several weeks ago, attended a classroom management presentation up north, in Jeonju.  One speaker shared clear and actionable insights about classroom rules. I embraced some of her wisdom but elected to ignore other aspects.  Regardless, I see great merit in … Continue reading Effective Classroom Rules

6 Tips And Mindsets For Effective Classroom Management

As a teacher, classroom management often takes a backseat to instruction and activities - as it should.  The purpose of classes is for students to learn.  However, I would argue that effective classroom management is not a second-fiddle, but rather a foundation for learning.  Students in well-managed classes often report more positive feelings toward the … Continue reading 6 Tips And Mindsets For Effective Classroom Management

How To Create Flashcards to Learn Students’ Names

When motivating students, building rapport, or managing class, addressing students by name goes a long way. Though when one sees 16 different homerooms and 450 different students only once per week, learning names can feel daunting, if not impossible. But with some determination and a little computer grease, I created a flashcard system that has … Continue reading How To Create Flashcards to Learn Students’ Names