Effective Classroom Rules

One powerful force of classroom management is class rules.  What guidelines will direct student behavior? Several weeks ago, attended a classroom management presentation up north, in Jeonju.  One speaker shared clear and actionable insights about classroom rules. I embraced some of her wisdom but elected to ignore other aspects.  Regardless, I see great merit in … Continue reading Effective Classroom Rules

6 Tips And Mindsets For Effective Classroom Management

As a teacher, classroom management often takes a backseat to instruction and activities - as it should.  The purpose of classes is for students to learn.  However, I would argue that effective classroom management is not a second-fiddle, but rather a foundation for learning.  Students in well-managed classes often report more positive feelings toward the … Continue reading 6 Tips And Mindsets For Effective Classroom Management

How To Create Flashcards to Learn Students’ Names

When motivating students, building rapport, or managing class, addressing students by name goes a long way. Though when one sees 16 different homerooms and 450 different students only once per week, learning names can feel daunting, if not impossible. But with some determination and a little computer grease, I created a flashcard system that has … Continue reading How To Create Flashcards to Learn Students’ Names

The Evolution of Lesson Planning

Earlier, I described the challenge and enjoyment of planning my own lessons. In short, planning sans textbook is a form of bounded freedom - creative autonomy coupled with practical constraints. Change is constant in creativity.   As I gather more informal feedback in the classroom, I continue to refine and sharpen my creative landscape.  Sometimes this entails creative … Continue reading The Evolution of Lesson Planning

My Crazy Cool Messenger V

School has begun, returning me to the grind of lazily translating Korean messages (CTRL+CV Style).  While most do not concern me, many messages nonetheless tickle my funny bone. Note:  This edition gets a bit raunchy.  Reader discretion is advised. Teachers should avoid physical contact with students (regardless of whether they are intentional or heterosexual) Intentional … Continue reading My Crazy Cool Messenger V

Super Photo Corner – Yeosu Teacher Trip

At the conclusion of the 2018 class schedule, I boarded a bus with over 30 fellow teachers for a well-earned retreat.  Many people refer to this as a "workshop."  By rule, the outing must incorporate an educational component.  For us, that consisted of a 20-minute video and lecture on secondary education at Yeosu High School. … Continue reading Super Photo Corner – Yeosu Teacher Trip