The Perils of Optimal

In the self-help community, the word “optimal” surfaces as a staple buzzword - especially in the introduction to the Tim Ferriss Show. YouTube videos all contain titles that suggest optimal performance tips. “The optimal way to lose weight.” “The optimal way to grow huge muscles.” “The optimal way to study.” “The optimal way to teach.” … Continue reading The Perils of Optimal

The Subtle Art of Microteaching – Interview With Kristy Dolson

As I continue to fight through writer's block, I realized interviews could provide fun and useful content while allowing others' to share their accumulated wisdom and experience. So today I share my interview with Kristy Dolson, my supervisor here at the Institute. IS:  Kristy has lived here for eight years after receiver her Bachelor … Continue reading The Subtle Art of Microteaching – Interview With Kristy Dolson

My Crazy Cool Messenger VI (Series Finale)

With my last piece of evidence from Namak High School, I present the final episode of My Crazy Cool Messenger. Google Translate is a comedy goldmine.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Stay strong! The blue color looks a little luxurious, Please report it to us We will give you a delicious chocolate cookie. Yes, Mr. Principal.  Your … Continue reading My Crazy Cool Messenger VI (Series Finale)

Quoterday – Conditional Love

And perhaps most challenging of all, love is not unconditional. It doesn’t emerge no matter what, regardless of conditions. -Barbara Fredrickson, Love 2.0 I just realized the second sentence has some ambiguity.  I sincerely hope that this sentence does not mean that love is impossible. Many people toss the term "unconditional love" when describing their … Continue reading Quoterday – Conditional Love