The Subtle Art of Microteaching – Interview With Kristy Dolson

As I continue to fight through writer's block, I realized interviews could provide fun and useful content while allowing others' to share their accumulated wisdom and experience. So today I share my interview with Kristy Dolson, my supervisor here at the Institute. IS:  Kristy has lived here for eight years after receiver her Bachelor … Continue reading The Subtle Art of Microteaching – Interview With Kristy Dolson

My Crazy Cool Messenger VI (Series Finale)

With my last piece of evidence from Namak High School, I present the final episode of My Crazy Cool Messenger. Google Translate is a comedy goldmine.  Happy Tuesday everyone.  Stay strong! The blue color looks a little luxurious, Please report it to us We will give you a delicious chocolate cookie. Yes, Mr. Principal.  Your … Continue reading My Crazy Cool Messenger VI (Series Finale)

Quoterday – Conditional Love

And perhaps most challenging of all, love is not unconditional. It doesn’t emerge no matter what, regardless of conditions. -Barbara Fredrickson, Love 2.0 I just realized the second sentence has some ambiguity.  I sincerely hope that this sentence does not mean that love is impossible. Many people toss the term "unconditional love" when describing their … Continue reading Quoterday – Conditional Love

Huxley vs. Orwell

I recently read Amusing Ourselves to Death.  A future post will comment on Neil Postman's insightful and profoundly prescient thoughts, I wanted to share possibly the most fascinating part - the prologue. Postman introduces his book by contrasting two prophecies propounded by two world-renown dystopian thinkers - George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.  Both wrote of terrifyingly … Continue reading Huxley vs. Orwell

Solo Weekend or Lonely Weekend?

Last year, I have fond memories of spending each and every weekend with friends.  We would romp around Gwangju, take day trips to museums, explore countryside historical sites, immerse within a local festival, or simply enjoy a drink in Mokpo.  I procrastinated on spending a weekend alone for nearly three months. However, these solo weekends … Continue reading Solo Weekend or Lonely Weekend?