Quick Tips for New Native Teachers

Many new native English teachers recently arrived in Korea.  Welcome.  It feels like yesterday that I myself exited Incheon Airport, knees shaking with excitement and uncertainty. One year later, I can reflect on some actions and mindsets the contributed to a smooth transition into Korean life. To be fair, I’ve only lived here for one … Continue reading Quick Tips for New Native Teachers

Fighting Evening Fatigue

While researching ESL opportunities in Korea, I knew that public school was the path for me. In short, ESL hopefuls have two main options in Korean educational institution - public school (EPIK, JLP, etc.) and private academies (학원 (hagwon)).   Public schools offer daytime working hours (9:00-5:00), more vacation days, and often fewer teaching hours … Continue reading Fighting Evening Fatigue

Fault vs. Responsibility

I sometimes chew over a phrase I remember from people like Will Smith and Tucker Max. “It’s not always your fault, but it is your responsibility.” What is the difference between fault and responsibility?  Fault focuses on blame.  People who find fault seek to punish through social shame or legal repercussions. Responsibility directs us to … Continue reading Fault vs. Responsibility

Huxley vs. Orwell

I recently read Amusing Ourselves to Death.  A future post will comment on Neil Postman's insightful and profoundly prescient thoughts, I wanted to share possibly the most fascinating part - the prologue. Postman introduces his book by contrasting two prophecies propounded by two world-renown dystopian thinkers - George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.  Both wrote of terrifyingly … Continue reading Huxley vs. Orwell

Ian Goes to Middle School Camp

In late July, the Jeollanamdo Summer English Camp provided one of my most enjoyable weeks of teaching. But those buttery-fluttery feelings did not emerge on Day 1. As I offloaded my clothing into a double-dorm barely larger than a walk-in closet, Anxiety-Brain chirped with first-day nervous energy. “You’ve never taught middle school students before.” “The … Continue reading Ian Goes to Middle School Camp