Quoterday – Satisfied Body, Satisfied Heart, Satisfied Mind

If you satisfy your body but don’t satisfy your heart and your mind, are you satisfied? -Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Love Many times I fall into the trap of satisfying my body while neglecting my mind and heart.  For example, sometimes I eschew opportunities to spend with friends because I obsess about my nutrition. … Continue reading Quoterday – Satisfied Body, Satisfied Heart, Satisfied Mind

Quoterday – Love, Trust, and Suffering

If you don’t tell the person you love of your suffering, it means you don’t love this person enough to trust her. -Thich Nhat Hanh, How to Love This is my defining struggle today.  I struggle to love because I struggle to trust people with vulnerability. Expressions of vulnerability (doled out gradually with gently rising … Continue reading Quoterday – Love, Trust, and Suffering

My First Temple Stay

 I felt supremely grateful for the timing of the Chuseok holiday. Between classroom difficulties (one student accused of cheating during a game yelled at my co-teacher and his classmates), lesson difficulties (A lesson bombed due to insufficient English speaking and excessive ease), and other serious interpersonal student problems beyond the scope of my class, I … Continue reading My First Temple Stay

Meditational Bliss – Wariness of Attachment

As I sat in Kim Dae-Jung Plaza, my eyes closed, my ears tuned into two birds’ argumentative chatter, thoughts fluttered across my mind like headlines underscoring a news report. “What's ruffling these bird' feathers?” “The weather is beautiful today.” “I wonder how much time is left.” One benefit of daily meditation comes from sitting alone … Continue reading Meditational Bliss – Wariness of Attachment

Mindsets to Success – Impermanence

Anyone who has lived or spent time in Korea can testify to the blistering pace of life here.  “Pali Pali” (hurry, hurry) is virtually a life motto. It hearkens me back to one of the primary principles of Buddhism - impermanence.  Impermanence means that nothing will last forever.  Everything, be it physical, mental, or emotional, … Continue reading Mindsets to Success – Impermanence