Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 1)

Before coming to Korea, I didn't know what Chuseok was (a harvest holiday where Korean families get together to share mountains of homemade cooking). For foreigners, it's a great chance to travel and pow around with friends. I spent one such holiday in Seoul with misfit friends now long-gone. The next two years, I spent … Continue reading Chuseok in Geomundo (거문도) (pt. 1)

My First Temple Stay

 I felt supremely grateful for the timing of the Chuseok holiday. Between classroom difficulties (one student accused of cheating during a game yelled at my co-teacher and his classmates), lesson difficulties (A lesson bombed due to insufficient English speaking and excessive ease), and other serious interpersonal student problems beyond the scope of my class, I … Continue reading My First Temple Stay

Mokpo Misfits – Seoul – Day 4 – Happy Chuseok

After no sleep and ample alone time, I rejoined the group with surprising alacrity.  After a life-restoring cold shower, I encountered The Bard fresh off a long bus ride from The South. “What’s up, man!” I said with elan. “Tired,” he replied. It was noon.  The gang was awake.  It was time to explore. Gyeongbokgung … Continue reading Mokpo Misfits – Seoul – Day 4 – Happy Chuseok