Quoterday – Dangerous Dreaming

Dreaming about a positive future seemed to protect against sadness in the short term but promote it over the long term. Gabriele Oettingen, Rethinking Positive Thinking Fantasizing about the future.  It's easy.  It's free. It gives us direction.  It feels good.  What could go wrong? According to Gabriele Oettingen, daydreaming of an ideal future is … Continue reading Quoterday – Dangerous Dreaming

Quoterday – The Dangers of Daydream Overdose

The pleasurable act of dreaming seems to let us fulfill our wishes in our minds, sapping our energy to perform the hard work of meeting the challenges in real life. -Gabriele Oettingen - Rethinking Postive Thinking Anyone who's seen the self-help section of a bookstore knows.  Titles emphasizing positive thinking, goal-setting, and visualizing your ideal life … Continue reading Quoterday – The Dangers of Daydream Overdose

Quoterday – The Productive Nature of Doing Nothing

Chance, as Louis Pasteur put it, favors a prepared mind. Daydreaming incubates creative discovery. -Daniel Goleman, Focus This is something I need to work on.  I’m terrible at giving my mind permission to wander. It comes from a good place.  Many happiness studies suggest that people are most unhappy when they are unengaged in their current … Continue reading Quoterday – The Productive Nature of Doing Nothing