Quick Tips for New Native Teachers

Many new native English teachers recently arrived in Korea.  Welcome.  It feels like yesterday that I myself exited Incheon Airport, knees shaking with excitement and uncertainty. One year later, I can reflect on some actions and mindsets the contributed to a smooth transition into Korean life. To be fair, I’ve only lived here for one … Continue reading Quick Tips for New Native Teachers

My Apartment

My preparations for Korea provided plenty of uncertainty.  One of those uncertainties was the size and condition of my living space.  Native Teacher dwellings range from studio apartments the size of large closets to two-bedroom houses; from state-of-the-art amenities to conditions condign of condemnation.   When I discovered that Namak was a brand new community, … Continue reading My Apartment

Orientation to Namak – The Rosy Shades Fog Up

In the fancy ballroom of the Shin-Yang Park Hotel, during a lovely lunch with my new co-teacher, the rosy lenses of my orientation glasses fogged up.  As I slowly strolled through my meal (enjoying the leisurely dining of orientation), my co-teacher gave me a look of urgency, as if we were already late.  "Is it … Continue reading Orientation to Namak – The Rosy Shades Fog Up