Getting Weird in Gangjin (Part Two)

After exploring what was either an active or retired helicopter, our next stop was one of Scrabbles’ favorite restaurants.  She is not fond of Korean food so naturally, they served pasta and salads.  I tried the Cajun chicken salad. The King dined on some stir-fried beef and rice while Potato enjoyed some cream-sauced carbonara drowned … Continue reading Getting Weird in Gangjin (Part Two)

Getting Weird in Gangjin (Part One)

“This should be a very routine trip,” I naively thought while staring out my bus window, surveying the ever-breathtaking Korean mountainside.  I was on vacation, fresh off of visiting Fireball and Special K in Yeosu, and thought I would throw in one additional evening of friendly frolicking in Gangjin. Meeting up with Scrabbles seemed especially … Continue reading Getting Weird in Gangjin (Part One)