New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Life always changes.  Nothing is permanent. However, in Korea, that flux feels just a bit faster. This semester I’ve slowly adjusted to a new schedule - my walk-in-the-park 16-class load expanded to 20.  However, despite initial growing pains, I’ve found several positives in this new work routine. Initially, I taught 8 classes in the first … Continue reading New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Solo Weekend or Lonely Weekend?

Last year, I have fond memories of spending each and every weekend with friends.  We would romp around Gwangju, take day trips to museums, explore countryside historical sites, immerse within a local festival, or simply enjoy a drink in Mokpo.  I procrastinated on spending a weekend alone for nearly three months. However, these solo weekends … Continue reading Solo Weekend or Lonely Weekend?

Settling into School Life

I have taught at Namak High School for nearly two months.  Like any new job, there are exciting new things to learn, obstacles to navigate, and growing pains to endure.  Overall, however, my work adjustment has been very positive. Despite a mostly positive adjustment, I occasionally have workplace gaffes.  Moreover, the language barrier makes it … Continue reading Settling into School Life