Super Photo Corner – Winter Festival Art Expo

It's cold once again.  My power bill is low, my layers are many, and my classes keep getting canceled. It must be time for the winter festival. I had a wonderful time last year and can hardly wait to enjoy this year's festivities. Festival Week begins with hallways lined with students' artwork.  This year, I … Continue reading Super Photo Corner – Winter Festival Art Expo

New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Life always changes.  Nothing is permanent. However, in Korea, that flux feels just a bit faster. This semester I’ve slowly adjusted to a new schedule - my walk-in-the-park 16-class load expanded to 20.  However, despite initial growing pains, I’ve found several positives in this new work routine. Initially, I taught 8 classes in the first … Continue reading New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Ian Goes to Middle School Camp

In late July, the Jeollanamdo Summer English Camp provided one of my most enjoyable weeks of teaching. But those buttery-fluttery feelings did not emerge on Day 1. As I offloaded my clothing into a double-dorm barely larger than a walk-in closet, Anxiety-Brain chirped with first-day nervous energy. “You’ve never taught middle school students before.” “The … Continue reading Ian Goes to Middle School Camp