New Year, Old School, Big Changes

One month into the new school year, I have substantially adjusted to my school’s many personnel and office changes. In Korea, teachers and other public officials are required to change venues every 3-5 years in an effort to promote educational equity and discourage corruption.  Therefore, statistically speaking, 20-33% of my school’s teachers are brand new. … Continue reading New Year, Old School, Big Changes

School Festival 2017 (Part Two)

Finally, after hours of late-night practice, the festival day arrived.  After a brief opening ceremony, many events transpired that required explanation from some of my fellow English teachers. In the first activity, students all gathered in the middle of the gymnasium.  A statement flashed onto the screen.  Two student helpers stood in the front holding … Continue reading School Festival 2017 (Part Two)

School Festival 2017 (Part One)

With final examinations in the dust, students smiled and cheered.  They had actual plans for the weekend. “I will go to Ghost Castle PC Room.” “I will watch movies.” “I will watch my favorite drama.” My heart smiled.  They work so hard.  They finally earned real leisure time.  For better or worse, their academic worries … Continue reading School Festival 2017 (Part One)