The Benefits of Systems Over Goals

I gleaned many of these insights from Atomic Habits by James Clear.  It’s a short read sardine-packed with golden behavior change wisdom. As 2019 dawns, the leaf-littered ground makes way for snow, and I slowly grow more layers of clothing until I resemble a waddling Michelin man, I imagine millions of people enacting New Year's resolutions. … Continue reading The Benefits of Systems Over Goals

The Perils of Prosperity

I recently listened to The Vanishing American Adult by Senator Ben Sasse. Before I began, my preconceptions unnerved me. “I hope this isn’t another conservative curmudgeon spitting invective against my ‘lazy and entitled’ generation.” Fortunately, he allayed my fears with those near-exact words in the first 10 minutes of listening. Or was he just being … Continue reading The Perils of Prosperity