Round 2 of Teacher Training

After weathering some lazy bouts of writer's block, my best course of action is to write my mind - and lately my second round of six-month teacher-training has dominated that head space. Today, just as most native teachers regain the pleasure (or curse) of teaching students in-person once again, our in-person classes with Korean teacher-trainees … Continue reading Round 2 of Teacher Training

Super Photo Corner – Yeosu Teacher Trip

At the conclusion of the 2018 class schedule, I boarded a bus with over 30 fellow teachers for a well-earned retreat.  Many people refer to this as a "workshop."  By rule, the outing must incorporate an educational component.  For us, that consisted of a 20-minute video and lecture on secondary education at Yeosu High School. … Continue reading Super Photo Corner – Yeosu Teacher Trip

New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Life always changes.  Nothing is permanent. However, in Korea, that flux feels just a bit faster. This semester I’ve slowly adjusted to a new schedule - my walk-in-the-park 16-class load expanded to 20.  However, despite initial growing pains, I’ve found several positives in this new work routine. Initially, I taught 8 classes in the first … Continue reading New Schedule, Same Constant Change

Quick Tips for New Native Teachers

Many new native English teachers recently arrived in Korea.  Welcome.  It feels like yesterday that I myself exited Incheon Airport, knees shaking with excitement and uncertainty. One year later, I can reflect on some actions and mindsets the contributed to a smooth transition into Korean life. To be fair, I’ve only lived here for one … Continue reading Quick Tips for New Native Teachers