Round 2 of Teacher Training

After weathering some lazy bouts of writer's block, my best course of action is to write my mind - and lately my second round of six-month teacher-training has dominated that head space. Today, just as most native teachers regain the pleasure (or curse) of teaching students in-person once again, our in-person classes with Korean teacher-trainees … Continue reading Round 2 of Teacher Training

You Never Forget Your First Farewell

As the world descends into physical distancing, handwashing, panic, and pandemic, mid-February feels like several lifetimes ago. And yet the end of my first six-month teacher-training program etched memories on my mind that will last a lifetime. I still remember the aching awkwardness as I started work at the Institute.  The previous class of 16 … Continue reading You Never Forget Your First Farewell

Teaching Reflectively – Interview With Ashley Yu

Ashley Yu earned his Master's of Education from Keiser University.  He has lived in Korea for five years, teaching at eight schools in Hampyeong County.  For the past two years, he's worked as a native instructor at JIEI, specializing in reading and writing skills and methodology. Ashley, it's great to speak with you today. AY:  … Continue reading Teaching Reflectively – Interview With Ashley Yu